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Does it hurt?

Yellow fever vaccination is normally almost painless and has very few side effects. In fact we have found that the vaccine is one of the least uncomfortable vaccines used for travellers. Almost always you will be able to return to work or other activities a short time after your immunisation.

Does it have side effects?

Very few travellers experience any side effects whatsoever. About 1:30 individuals experience some minor flu-like side effects in the days following their yellow fever vaccination. The risk of a serious adverse reaction is about 1 case per 100,000 individuals. A serious reaction to the vaccine normally takes the for of an allergy (anaphylactic) reaction. The current vaccine contains live yellow fever virus and in very rare cases (1:500,000) individuals may contract the yellow fever illness from the vaccine. In reality, millions of doses of the vaccine are given around the world each year and very few reactions are reported,

Is it suitable for everyone?

Yellow fever vaccination is not suitable or appropriate for all individuals. During your assessment at our Sydney clinic, our doctor will ask you some specific questions to identify individuals who are unsuitable for yellow fever vaccination. If vaccination is unsafe or inadvisable, the doctor will give you an alternative document which you may present on arrival at customs.

When should I come to the clinic?

It is never too late to come to the clinic! We see many “last minute” travellers and we are familiar with their needs and challenges. Normally we advise you to make an appointment about six weeks before your trip. This allows vaccination schedules of some other vaccines to be completed if they are required.

What does it cost?

When you attend our vaccination clinic you will be required to pay a consultation charge which is normally partially or fully refundable from Medicare. If your yellow fever vaccination is for work, normally this is not covered by Medicare and needs to be claimed from your company. The actual yellow fever vaccine is an additional charge which is often refundable under your private health insurance policy. We are committed to providing yellow fever vaccination at a fair and reasonable cost.

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