Where Is Yellow Fever ?
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At the present time, cases of clinical yellow fever only occur in tropical Africa and South America. The requirement for yellow fever vaccination in different countries is continually evolving and is changing. It is essential that you are getting accurate advice about yellow fever vaccination. New countries are sometimes added to the yellow for transmission zone whilst others are progressively removed.  Your specific requirement for yellow fever vaccination will depend on your specific itinerary and this will be discussed with the doctor at the time of your consultation. Most travellers to South America and Africa will require yellow fever vaccination but this does not apply to all travellers and all itineraries. Sometimes individual countries will specify requirements for yellow fever vaccination. For instance, a few years ago a yellow fever vaccination was required for a Visa to travel to the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. This requirement has been relaxed over the last few years. In recent years, the government of South Africa has applied a requirement for yellow fever vaccination for travellers arriving from Zambia. The requirement for yellow fever vaccination on arrival to Australian customs sometimes differs to that of other countries. In some cases, vaccination against yellow fever is a pre-requisite to join tours with some tour operators.

Yellow fever requirements sound a bit complicated but can normally be quickly resolved during a consultation at our clinic. The specifics will depend on your particular itinerary and other factors such as your past medical history. Not all travellers are suitable for yellow fever vaccination. Not all travellers need vaccination. The following statements provide a rough guide to the current yellow fever requirements for departing Australian travellers.

  • Most travellers to Africa or South America require yellow fever vaccinations, including kids
  • Most travellers to Asia, Middle East, Pacific, Europe and North America don't need yellow fever
  • Vaccination against yellow fever takes 10-14 days to be effective.
  • Vaccination is not always appropriate and needs to be individually assessed.
  • At the present time, yellow fever vaccination is required for entry into South Africa from Zambia
  • Vaccination for yellow fever is normally not needed for Egypt, Middle East and North Africa.
  • For travellers only visiting South Africa, vaccination is usually not needed.
  • Some countries including USA have no current requirement for yellow fever vaccination
  • Minimum age requirements vary between countries
  • Sometimes proof of vaccination is required even if you don't leave the airport
  • Some cruise companies will require yellow fever vaccination prior to boarding.
  • Current yellow fever certificates are valid for 10 years however this is subject to review

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